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*All fictitious... apart from the true bits.

When the sales are over, there's always that awkward period between when shops are advertising Spring items and when it's actually Spring time. No amount of warm sunny pictures are going to tempt me to buy thin cotton tops when outside it's minus 4! (Plus I still have good intentions that I'm going to lose some of that Christmas weight over the next few weeks...) But quite frankly I want to wear snugly jumpers - it's freezing and I don't remotely feel Spring like. But they do look a bit overly casual sometimes.  So the solution? Put a soft Colcouture top under a  crew neck jumper. With a beautiful collar poking out it's transformed and with no annoying buttons down the front it's smooth and comfy. And if the sun does happen to come out (or more likely the air conditioning is on way too high) I can take off the jumper and still look great. Sorted.