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* All fictitious...apart from the true bits. 

I've better things to do than iron a shirt. What a fag. They always crease again before you finish - or is that just me? And you have to dodge  around all the buttons and do the awkward shoulder panels. Aggh. I'm pretty useless at it. Even my husband wouldn't remotely be stupid enough to ask me to iron his. (And not just because the answer would be no in any case). So as I hurry in the morning trying to look good but quite frankly spend about 10 mins on me and the rest of the time on everyone else ('where is my doll?'' where are my school shoes?' 'Do we have any milk?' (Look in the damn fridge))  I inevitably throw on a round neck something that's easy to iron or doesn't look too bad un-ironed. But does it look a bit slobby for work - do I need a jacket or at least some jewellery? Damn another 5 minutes gone. 

But  I like collars and cuffs. (Matching, of course)  They make you look more finished than a plain round neck. They can poke out over a jumper and change it from sloppy to groomed. Well apart from all the buttons that seems to show up underneath - not so good. But in or out? Some shirts don't stay tucked in well. (Or maybe they just don't look so good tucked in with a slightly larger stomach that I now have post 20s and 30s, hmm.) Others look a mess out.  But most of them look a mess by the end of the day anyway when they have all creased up. In fact just get out of the car/off the tube/bus and you wonder why you bothered to iron in the first place.

So? Well it's kind of obvious I suppose. Decent fine cotton collars and cuffs on an easy care beautifully weighted jersey body. Little to iron (you may get away with not sometimes- I do), little creasing during the day and can be worn in or out (mostly out for me) and of course great looking collars and cuffs. Throw on with a skirt or trousers. Throw on with jeans. Fabulous. 9 minutes to attempt to change slightly hungover pallid face to fresh happy one that won't scare clients or start gossip at the school gates. Shh..