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Life is busy and we're all strapped for time. But if you don't take a bit of time for yourself and by yourself, you'll do neither yourself, nor your family and friends or colleagues, any favours. Get up an hour earlier on Sunday; take it in turns with a friend to have the children; or just make sure you take the odd lunch break. Wear something relaxed and natural, that  makes you feel good. Grab an interesting book or a beautiful journal to write in; indulge in something yummy to eat and head out to a field or city park bench. Kick back. Stare up at clouds, write a short story or simply watch the world go by. Take time to breathe... 


 Time to breathe

MET stretch jeans
£56 -


IPANEMA strappy sandals
£19 -


Vans black sandals
£13 -


Converse sneaker
£37 -


Tote handbag
£115 -


Camilla Christine hair comb
£135 -


Christian Dior clear glasses
£425 -


Moschino sunglasses


Nars cosmetic



Kate Spade white mug
£15 -


Tufted throw pillow
£130 -


Canvas ceramic mug
£37 -


Louis Vuitton colored pen
£305 -