Better? Not necessarily better. Is making a school lunch or firing off a work email whilst trying to eat breakfast and put on make up necessarily better? It just has to be done. Actually I hate ironing so perhaps it is. If I can save 10 minutes by not having to mess about ironing around buttons and awkward shoulders of a shirt, I'll take it thanks. 

 Getting ready and looking good shouldn't be difficult but, as we know, it often is. We're all ridiculously busy and spending time on us isn't always high on the agenda. 

Children/work/husband/cleaning/laundry/food/even the frigging dog (*delete as necessary) need to be sorted out first most of the time. And you have to run around madly all day, from work mode to mother mode, to go-out-and-have-a-well-needed-drink mode, with little time to spend on looking good. But you should! Look good that is. Not spend time on it! 

Colcouture's collared tops make getting ready and looking great all day a bit easier. Their styling and colour combinations make them easy to wear with everything in your wardrobe. Beautiful cuffs and collars make it smart enough to look well groomed and put together in two minutes flat, whatever you team them with; soft jersey makes it comfy enough to run around and still look uncreased and great.  So you can look fabulous, whatever you've got to do.

Our philosophy:  Pat yourself on the back. You are a superhero and amazing. Who cares if all the laundry isn't packed away, there's a work email you haven't finished and you're not a Cordon Bleu cook. Culinary disasters, like many things in life, look so much better if you do too. So be fabulous, whatever!

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