The premium cotton shirting material we use for the collars and cuffs is fantastic quality. In fact the main supplier we use also supplies several shirt makers on Jermyn Street in London - renowned for being home to some of the finest shirt makers in the world. So rest assured it feels and looks great. It is soft and fine, but it keeps its shape so it looks great all day.

The body material is made from a really decent weighted viscose and elastane jersey, that is great to wear all year round.  We chose it because not only is it super soft and comfy, but it hangs well and keeps it shape in a way that cotton can't. Plus it's also really quick to iron and can be washed at 40 degrees.

We have also taken care to give our collared tops some lovely detailing, which sets it apart and highlights the quality. Like the contrasting material inside the cuffs and collar and the matching covered buttons.

We only manufacturer a very limited number of our tops so you can be assured you have something special.